Rachel's Challenge

Rachel's Challenge Club is a
group of students who work to follow the five challenges outlined by the Rachel's Challenge organization. This includes looking for the best in others, dreaming big, choosing positive influences, speaking with kindness and starting a chain reaction in others.

The group is designed to promote a pervasive positive attitude throughout the school district. Working in tandem with the annual assembly, the Rachel's Challenge group strives to carry out the goals outlined in Rachel's Challenge through mini-activities and mentoring sessions.

Any student is welcome to join!

General Information

Advisor: Annmarie Massella

Co-Advisor: Winnie Oberrath

Email:  massellaa@fortleboeuf.net & oberrathw@fortleboeuf.net

Room #:

Phone #: 814-796-2616


Get Involved


  • The group organizes activities throughout the school year to conduct.
  • In addition, volunteers for the group work with the Friendship Club.